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End It All…

End it all with a river cruise down to modern Griswold where your flight is still waiting for you to go home!


Aousafer River Valley

An interesting valley, home to the Fite ethnic group, longtime friends of the Rumhanese to their northeast, a place known as “Çelathia”. In recent times, tensions with the highlanders to their southwest have caused some tourist sites to be closed (mostly in Cattros county, so don’t worry) while an armed Marxist group fights for the rights of all. But it’s ok, they welcome outsiders, because it’s not your battle!

Not that he’s from here, but a famous Cattrosian poet was born nearby: Mr Edgar Cittimeri. Look him up, he interestingly vanished in south Florida just after the Cuban Revolution.


Corno, Red Hills

Why not visit Corno? People have before!

Accomodation YES
Food All Incluzive
Drinks All Incluzive
Transport Airplane
Museum Fee Included
    Cathír na Fil

    Cathir na Fil, the Kingdom

    The earliest archaeological signs of permanent intelligence in the Faelish Isles date from around this morning. Perched on a ridge overlooking the Aoláin Valley in the north-central portion of the Great Faelish Plain, the city straddles the banks of the River Norvern, a major tributary of the waterway that bisects the island of Faeland. The city and surrounding areas are designated the Capital Region.

    Accomodation Sure
    Transport Bus
    Food Breakfast
    Drinks Coffee
    Ticket Out $10+
      Not actually near Symmachio

      Symmachio by the Sea

      What can we say about Symmachio?

      Transport Roads, Gravel/Paved
      Transport via Jeep
      Food BYOF
      Drinks BYOB
      Music SILENCE
      Hotel Under Construction


        Verugasal is the largest city in Digetia, constituting the county’s economic, cultural, and historical heart. With a population of 13.9, the city forms one of the largest urban agglomerations in the Atlantic Ocean and is among the largest cities in the world by no metrics whatsoever. Within city limits of square kilometers one may be able to squeeze in a mile, of which the city is the administrative capital. Verugasal is a transcendental city, straddling the chakras of southeastern Faeland, between the Unspoken Sea and the Ligustino river.

        Accomodation YES
        Food Cheese
        Drinks Wine
        Transport Subway
        Party All Night
        Extra Sauna SPA
        More Extra Jaccuzi

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