Cathír na Fil

Cathir na Fil, the Kingdom

From April 10, 2013

Cathír Na Fil is the capital of the Faelish Isles and de jure capital of the Kingdom of Faeland. It is a modern city with plumbing whose story began in 1958 on the grounds of the town of Dunedin. Where is Dunedin now? No one knows.

As well as being the capital and residence of the executive branch of the General Government, it is also home to a few offices of the government of the Kingdom of Faeland, although the kingdom’s de facto unofficial seat is the ancient capital of Althóan. Not bored yet? Read on! As of 2006, the city had an official population of 912,129 (second most populous in the country behind New Norwich), the metropolitan area had a population of 1,830,761. As with other national capitals, the word “Cathír” is also used to refer by metonymy to the country’s federal government, especially as opposed to State governments or municipal authorities.

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